"Red - Because Jesus loved me enough to go to the cross (1 Cor 15.1-8), White - My sins are forgiven (1 Jn 2.12), Blue - The Holy Spirit lives in my heart (2 Cor 1.22), Green - I'm growing in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord (2 Pet 3.18), Gold - When I get to heaven I'm going to walk on the street of gold (Rev 20.21) and Butterfly - I'm a new creature" (2 Cor 5.17)"

To preach the gospel with the good news bracelet ask another if they have heard the good news and preach its message (seen above). Then give them a bracelet and bracelet paper that they also might preach the gospel. When we the preach the gospel to another it gives them the chance to believe on Christ and be saved (Rom 1.16, 1 Cor 1.21 & 4.15, Jn 6.47, Acts 16.31) (Please see SAVED on www.preach-the for a definition of saved.) and after we preach it to every person in every nation the end will come and Christ will return and take us to be with him forever (Mk 16.15, Mt 24.14 & 31, 1 Thess 4.13-18). This is our 'Blessed Hope'. Meanwhile we turn the world right-side up.

A good way to look at preaching the gospel is that one out of every four seeds we sow fall onto good ground and bring forth 100 fold (See Luke 8.11-15.). For example if we preach the gospel to 100 people divide it by four (¼ bring forth fruit). This equals 25. Then multiply by one hundred (the good ground brings forth 100 fold). We see that preaching the gospel to 100 people brings forth 2500 fold! 500 per month/4 = 125 x 100 fold = 12,500 fold monthly!

We use green fifty pound fishing line to symbolize “Fishers of Men”(The green color stands for - “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, Mt 4.19 & Mk 16.15).” Red, white and blue rexlace stands for “One Nation Under God” (Many Nations have a red, white and blue colored flag) and the gold sparkle rexlace for "The Street of gold in Heaven.” Rexlace and beads can be purchased at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or online at

Format six good news bracelet papers (or business card size) on one 8.5x11 sheet of printer paper at Fed Ex/Kinkos. After cutting them fold each paper in half and then in half again with the bead explanation facing outward. This forms a cross to add more symbolism and makes it easier to insert into a wallet or purse. You may put your name and/or church's name (with permission), address, telephone and e-mail on the reverse side.

Now you are ready to preach the gospel. Simply ask another if they have heard the good news and share the good news bracelet with them. The wonder of it is that after we preach the gospel to another they become born of God the instant they believe on Christ (Rom 1.16 & 10.14, 1 Cor 1.21 & 4.15, Jn 6.47, Acts 16.31 & 1 Jn 5.1)! Let's turn the world right-side up and speed Christ's return by preaching the gospel and teaching others to preach it (Mk 16.15, Mt 24.14 & 31, 1 Thess 4.13-18).

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