"Whoso looks into the perfect law of liberty, and continues therein, being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed (Jas 1.25)."

Today's christianity seems to be thriving with it's megachurches and their multiple worship services geared to your choice of worship service. There's something for everybody, singles groups, age groups, youth groups, children church etc. But the most important thing is being left out. The gospel. A church is at best a social club if it is not preaching the gospel (See CHURCH OR SOCIAL CLUB? on

From it's inception the church's purpose has been to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Mk 16.15 & Acts 1.8)." The work of the church is to preach the gospel (Mk 16.15), not only by specially gifted people, but by every believer (See TWO OR THREE on It cannot grow without the preaching of the gospel, for this is how it is begotten (1 Cor 4.15). Even Christ's return is based on the fulfillment of His command to preach the gospel (Mt 24.14).

But the gospel is not being preached as it ought to be because the church has replaced it with their 'plan of salvation' which can only be preached from the pulpit (See PLAN OF SALVATION on Instead of doing the work we have become hearers only, deceiving ourselves (Jas 1.22-25). To preach the gospel simply ask another if they have heard the good news (Gospel means good news.) and tell them - "Christ died for our sins, he was buried, and he rose the third day (1 Cor 15.1-4)."

We turn the world right-side up by preaching the gospel and teaching others to preach it (See TURN THE WORLD RIGHT SIDE UP on If a church is not preaching the gospel in the world at best it is a social club (See CHURCH OR SOCIAL CLUB? on and when it has been preached to all 6.5 billion people on Earth Christ will return and take us to be with him forever (Mt 24.14 & 30-31 and 1 Thes 4.13-18).

A church is at best a social club if is is not preaching the gospel in the world . Be a doer of the work. Don't forget (James 1.22-25)!

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