"We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies in wickedness (1 Jn 5.19)."

A debate is presently going on in Congress over whether to use force to combat the evil use of chemical weapons in Syria against their own people. Somebody once said, "The only thing that must be done for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." What can we do to prevent evil?

The bible teaches ways to fight the evil so prevalent in the world. The Apostle Paul wrote, "we overcome evil with good and not to pay back evil for evil. I will repay says the Lord (Rom 12.17, 21 & 19b). Are we to lay down and let evil tromp over us? The answer is no. God has given us weaponry to fight against evil.

"The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds (2 Cor 10.4)." The greatest weapon we have against evil is the gospel. Telling the good news to another places their heart on the spot which allows them to believe on Christ and be saved (See SAVED for a definition of 'saved'.). It replaces man's evil nature with the nature of the holy Spirit (love, joy, peace... See Gal 5.19-22.). After preaching the gospel to them we can teach them to preach the gospel as well (See TEACH THEM on preach-the-gospel.org.). Thereby we multiply the gospel seed and the righteousness, peace and joy produced in them that believe through it (Rom 14.17 & 1 Cor 4.15b). This is why the Apostle Paul refers to it as 'the gospel of peace' (See Rom 10.15 & Eph 6.15).

The evil nature within man that produces wars (See Gal 5.19-21 & Jas 4.1-4). Good trees bring forth good fruit, but bad trees cannot bring forth good fruit. We get good trees that bear good fruit by preaching the gospel (Mt 7.18 & Lk 6.43). This is necessary because the whole human race must be born again. We are born born in sin (See BORN SINNERS on preach-the-gospel.org.). We beget new creatures through preaching the gospel (1 Cor 4.15b and 1 Jn 5.1) and thereby fight evil.

Evil is indeed prevailing in our country and the world because the gospel is not being preached as it ought to be (by every believer). To preach it to another simply ask them if they have heard the good news (Gospel means good news.) and tell them - "Christ died for our sins, he was buried, and he rose the third day (1 Cor 15.3-4)."

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