"When you have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do (Lk 17.10)."

The common belief held among Christians concerning preaching the gospel is, "It's not my job." Understand that Christ's command to, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Mk 16.15)." is to every believer. It is our duty to preach the gospel.

Christians think that their duty is solely to attend church. Preaching the gospel is for pastors, evangelists and missionaries. The truth is that we are a either a missionary or a mission field depending on whether or not we are preaching the gospel. When we leave the doors of the church or our house we have stepped into our pulpit, the world. It doesn't take a seminary degree to preach the gospel in the world, just a knowledge of what the gospel is and how to preach it and a willingness to utter it in person with our mouth to others (Eph 6.19) and teach them that believe to do the same (Mt 28.19-20).

To preach the gospel simply ask another if they have heard the good news (Gospel means good news.) and tell them (preach) - "Christ died for our sins, he was buried, and he rose the third day (1 Cor 15.1-4).” - The gospel. This is the gospel that the Apostle Paul himself received and preached (v3-4) and when we preach it in person with our mouth as he did we get the same results. “...I have begotten you through the gospel (1 Cor 4.15b).” wrote Paul. He taught that what matters is not circumcision or uncircumcision (religion) but a new creature (See Gal 6.15-16).

Placing the gospel on our lips is the key to begetting new creatures. This is our duty, for this is Christ's command to us (Mk 16.15 & Lk 17.10). When we have completed the work of preaching the gospel to every creature (Mk 16.15) in every nation (Mt 24.14) the end will come and Christ will return and take us to be with him forever (See THE BLESSED HOPE on www.preach-the-gospel.org.). Are we willing to put the gospel on our lips to others or will we say “It's not my job.” and leave it up to others? (See THREE FOOT RULE on www.preach-the-gospel.org.)

A true believer obeys Christ's commands to tells others the good news and teaches them to do the same (Mk 16.15, Mt 28.20 & 1 Jn 4.2-3). Ask the next person who crosses your path if they have heard the good news and tell them - “Christ died for our sins, he was buried, and he rose the third day (1 Cor 15.3-4).”

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