“I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase (1 Cor 3.6).”

I would rather teach one person to tell the good news (preach the gospel) than tell one hundred people the good news for in so doing we multiply the gospel seed.

It's important not only to preach the gospel, but to teach them we preach the gospel to to preach it as well (Mk 16.15 & Mt 28.20). By preaching the gospel to another we plant the seed and by teaching them to preach it we water it. Try doubling one 33 times and see what you get. I came up with 9,300,000,000. This illustrates the power of duplication that occurs when we teach others to preach the gospel and to teach others to preach it (See DO THE MATH on

We can reach the seven billion people on earth (300 million in the USA) in a short period of time by preaching the gospel to them and teaching them to do the same. Then after the gospel has been preached to every person in every nation the end will come and Christ will return and take us to be with him forever (Mk 16.15, Mt 24.14 and 1 Thes 4.13-18). This is called “The Blessed Hope (See THE BLESSED HOPE on” Meanwhile we turn the world right-side up (See IMAGINE on

It's important both to plant and water the gospel seed. To preach the gospel to another simply ask them if they have heard the good news (Gospel means good news.) and tell them - Christ died for our sins, he was buried, and he rose again the third day (1 Cor 15.3-4).” To teach them to preach it have them ask you if you have heard the good news, play dumb, and coach them how to preach it. Then have them do the same (See TEACH THEM on

Knowing is not good enough. We must believe on Christ (See BELIEVE on, tell others and teach them we tell to do the same. This is how we plant and water.

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